Cosmetic surgery

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Abdominoplasty removes the excess skin from the abdomen and tightens the muscles of the tummy and is effective for the post pregnancy bulge or post weight loss. It results in a flatter, firm and better shaped abdomen. It is considered both a cosmetic procedure and a reconstructive procedure so a medicare rebate is available for abdominoplasty.

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Breast Reductions and Breast Lifts

Breast Reductions and Breast lifts are essentially the same operation because the incisions are the same, the only difference is that in reduction, we remove breast tissue. So the remaining presentation talks about reduction.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast implants increase the breast size for women who feel their breast shape and size is too small or dont want to continue to wear a padded bra.  This is usually due to a lack of development ( not growing breasts during puberty)  or sometime, breasts become smaller from disease, injury or after having children. Some breasts are asymmetrical and augmentation can be used for reconstruction.

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Blepharoplasty ( eyelid reduction)

Blepharoplasty or eyelid reduction is surgery for rejuvenitation of the eyelids, with the aim of improving the appearance of the eyelids ( upper or lower or both) as a result of the ageing process or due to some previous disease or trauma. It is commonly done as an operation by itself or can be combined with other operations like a facelift or with other treatment modalities such as filler injections.

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Otoplasty ( prominent ear correction)

Both adults and children are born with ' big ears' or sticky out ears called prominent ears. This can produce both functional problems or cosmetic concerns for the patient. Children can be taunted or teased. This can result in low self esteem. For people who need to wear helmets like in the military, prominent ears may get in the way. The ears that stick out can be pinned back towards the head. This is called otoplasty. There are different types of otoplasty hence there is a need for a pre operative consultation. The most common type will be dealt with here. The patient ususally complains the ears stick out and place the ear back to show the ear shape they want.

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Facelift and or Necklift

When we age  the skin of the face sags. It looses elasticity and the skin between the cheek and chin sags down and is not tight. Also the fat redistributes so we lose fat somewhere and in other areas there is an increase. The wrinke lines also increase especially around the eyes and in the forehead. All these are age changes. A facelift is an operation that is designed to tighten the cheek and facial skin. It helps to make the face look younger in the right candidate. It is important to know that while it can make someone look younger, it doesnt stop the clock ticking. It can involve tightening  the skin on the face, tightening the muscles of the face, removal of adding some fat. It can be done alone or be combined with other cosmetic procedure like blepharoplasty, neck lift, dermabraision, laser resurfacing or filler injection etc.

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Body Contouring Surgery ( including post weight loss ) thigh and arm reduction and body lifts

As we age, or due to specific events like pregnancy or when a patient has undergone massive weight loss, the skin sags. It occurs in the face, chest, abdomen,upper arms and inner thighs. Topics to address the first 3 are dealt with in facelift, breast reduction and abdominoplasty respectively. This section deals with inner upper arm and thigh reductions. A body lift is a variation of the abdominoplasty and you should see the section on abdominoplasty also but also read this section.

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Gynaecomastia (Male breast reduction)

Gynaecomastia is when the male develops breast, there is both a shape and comfort issue or causes sensitivity pain or embarrasment. Gynaecomastia serves to remove this tissue and give a flatter shape to the chest.

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Liposuction ( liposcuplture )

In some people where there are localized fat deposits, liposuction may be a mechanism to remove these areas and contour the body to a better shape. It may be done in isolation or combined with other procedures. Liposuction is never a weight loss mechanism. It is a reshaping mechanism. Areas that are most suitable for liposuction include the outer and inner thighs, sides or upper parts of the abdomen, under the chin. Occasionally it is used to remove other fatty growths like lipoma. Liposuction does not deal with skin excesses where other surgical procedures are needed. Nor is liposuction is a solution for cellulite which is due to fibrous tissue that anchors the skin to deeper tissue and this results in skin dimples.

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